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Miss this lady.

Sunday. As it should be. #cider #pool #suckedin

Photobombed this cocky pea at the pub.


I’ve been absent…

So I haven’t been around much, especially since my tooth fiasco. Life has been busy, and hard. I am really not feeling great in my job at the moment… It sucks as usually I am great at it and I can do it well. It’s not the work that is getting me down, it’s the culture. Toxic. I am not getting along with on of my colleagues, and in addition feeling unsupported and unappreciated in what I do. Certain privileges have been revoked from us all, despite the fact I have been here three years, so I am certainly feeling undervalued. I don’t know what to do, work is causing me pain and panic and misery, but I have a mortgage and car loan so it’s not like I can just walk out…

So I have been training my arse off. Mornings classes, and then weightlifting/goat work in the afternoons. I have also been trying to get to yoga, but that has only really been this week… I have also been going to see my shrink (yep, I’m nuts haha) and that in itself makes things harder… I hate this stuck feeling!

Oh, and did you catch that? I OWN A HOUSE!!!! Well, the bank does, but I live in it, apart from this week as we wait for the insurance company to put in new floors (the place flooded on the weekend, long story). I have my own lovely hotel like room, that is just for sleeping, and then my wardrobe/computer room! Also I have a pool!

Ok, enough with the whinging. I am going to attempt some work, or maybe just watch another snatch video…

The cause of my pain. #tooth #oxys #blood

Halloween is coming. Fake blood and sugar skulls time. @hollynofriends

So I have been quiet again and this is why… Failed root canal from last year / dentist went to do root canal and drilled in to the live nerve, said oops it’s not dead, almost died, so he filled it and I left it. Almost a year later and it ended up snapping a bit and infected. Options were another root canal or extraction. I went for the yank it the guck out because there is no way I am going through that again option! Unfortunately the tooth had a bulbous root which made it really hard to get out. The nurse had to hold m head and the dentist was yanking hard. Your really don’t want to hear the dentist say uh oh when you’re in the chair… Said it should have been surgical. It hurt like hell but oh well, it’s out!!! Bruised the bone, and my face is swollen. I look badass. The worst part was I couldn’t keep the tooth as it was infected.

Back to regular programming soon… Have some exciting wod and pr results to catch you all up on!

Bringer of pain. #shouldhavebeensurgical

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